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Happy 8 Months!!

Aloha Heart Warrior Gigi Supporters!! Today Gigi is 8 Months and we are so grateful for the time we have with her. Second week update, Gigi is off of her respiratory support, no more drips (IV meds) and started to receive feeds through her G-tube. Tremendous progress within 14 days. Plans for this week is to get a MRI, feedings to normal volume of 140ml, and have her meet with speech therapy. Gigi you are resilient!! May God continue to bless you with the strength to bounce back enough to be discharged. We appreciate everyone who has sent messages, texts and phone calls to check on lil heart warrior Gigi. Fundraiser shirts are available on website. Gofundme link can be found on Keepfightinggigi instagram page. Saying thank you and grateful is an understatement to how we feel towards the kindness and generosity that has been expressed towards Gigi and our ohana. Our hearts are over filled with love.

Till next week, Aloha.

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