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Week One Update

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

It has been one week since Gianna has been med evac to Rady's Children Hospital in San Diego. Since then, she has made huge improvements. Her medical team is surprised with how fast she is able to bounce back. Within the past week they were able to remove extra support which involved ECMO bypass, dialysis, and breathing tube. Her team was also able to close her chest which is HUGE!! We are so proud of our little heart warrior. Gianna still faces troubles with her kidneys as they were damaged when she went into cardiac arrest twice. Kidneys are functioning at 15-20%, effecting her body to retain fluids. Gianna remains swollen especially around her head and torso. With all the improvements she has made so far Gianna is not out of the woods yet and has a long road ahead of her to full recovery. Next step is to have all extra fluids flushed and removed extra respiratory support. Gianna is so loved and supported, as her parents we cannot thank you all enough for the prayers, donations, and well wishes. We are so grateful for the community that has come together to support us with our cause. Thank you for lightening our load by helping us get her a new heart. As long as Gianna fights, we will be fighting by her side and will do anything we can to support. Gianna's weekly updates and merch updates will be posted here on. Mahalo all you heart warrior Gigi supporters!!!

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